Retrofit Your Residential Heating and Cooling Equipment in Salem, OR

Good, high-quality heating and cooling equipment is designed to last a long time, and Eastman Heating & Cooling has been selling superb products to the good people of Salem for over nine decades.

Eastman Heating and Cooling Lifetime Warranty

However, you don’t need to wait until your equipment is on its last legs before you decide to retrofit. You can do so, but don’t you deserve better? Choosing to retrofit your heating and cooling equipment means that you can reduce your energy usage and increase your comfort right now. Here are a couple of examples of ways in which you can retrofit your heating and cooling equipment:


Let’s say that you have a wood-burning fireplace. The aesthetic appeal of a wood-burning fireplace is undeniable, but this beauty comes with several costs. First, you have to supply cut wood to have a fire. This may not seem like a heavy burden, but if you come home late on a winter night and have no wood, you are out of luck. Second, you have to clean the chimney regularly to prevent health and fire hazards. Third, most of the heat is lost through the chimney anyway, which is not very efficient.

Home heating and cooling retrofiting in Salem, OregonOn the other hand, a gas fireplace will save you time and money. The fuel is always available, cleaning is minimal, and the increased efficiency means that your heating bill will go down.

Solar Power

Eastman Heating & Cooling offers products that convert solar energy into power for your heating and cooling equipment. Using these products lets you help the environment while also saving money on your energy bill.

If you are unsure about whether to retrofit your heating and cooling equipment, don’t worry! You can call us at 503.873.2810 or contact us for a free, professional assessment of your situation and needs, with no obligation to buy.